Belonging to PBG Group RAFAKO was established in 1949 and employs ca. 2000 people. RAFAKO company has been always tied to power generation industry offering design and manufacture of boilers and environment protection plants. Since 1993 RAFAKO S.A. is a joint stock company which shares are quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2011 RAFAKO S.A. belongs to PBG Group.

RAFAKO is a leader on the Polish power generation equipment market and the biggest boiler producer in Europe. Ca. 80% of boilers operated by Polish utilities had been delivered by RAFAKO. The Company is also a leader within the field of flue gas desulfurization plants based on wet lime and semi-dry methods.

The Company is based in Racibórz, where headquarters and main production facilities were built, including five production workshops and design offices. During the past few years design offices in Gliwice, Częstochowa and Belgrade were established. In 2009 a new division was created in Pszczyna offering design and delivery of dust removal equipment. Components for thiw equipment are manufactured in nearby Wyry workshops.

RAFAKO offers general contracting within the scope of fossil fired power generation units, boiler island in particular, including PC boilers for sub- and supercritical steam parameters, CFB boilers, HRSG and stoker fired boilers as well as flue gas cleaning plants and equipment. The Company also offers boilers for waste incineration and biomass combustion.


RAFAKO is certified with ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001, EMAS and PED. The Company is approved according to UDT, ASME, TRD and other regulations. In 2001 RAFAKO was awarded with Polish Quality Award for its successful implementation and constant improvement of Total Quality Management rules.

RAFAKO is the biggest employer within its region. It supports local social, cultural and sport activities.


RAFAKO S.A. people have clearly defined their vision of the future. We are among those who take part in a mission aimed at satisfying the basic needs of the mankind; supplying energy and heat.
Our work however is not only limited to design and manufacture of equipment. Our ambitious task is to make power generation as environment friendly as possible. The equipment that we create secure permanent and reliable power supply bringing, at the same time, such tangible benefits as air quality improvement. Our activity is focused on recreating the long lost equilibrium of ecosystem within which people make reasonable use of natural resources and undertakes their protection.


Address: Łąkowa 33, 47-400 Racibórz, Poland

Phone: +48 32 410 10 00

Fax: +48 32 415 34 27

Mail: info@rafako.com.pl