2019 Serbian Business Directory editions are now available


The latest editions of 2019 Serbian Business Directory, including the Program - B2B Serbia and 2019 Catalog, are now available and distributed to our subscribers. Both editions are bilingual, in Serbian and English.

The electronic edition of the B2B Serbia - Program in English language for the year 2019, is available to download from the website of the Serbian Business Directory. You can also order it directly from us in CD format with the relevant digital and printed documentation.

B2B Serbia – Program offers:

- About 50.000 active business entities from the Serbian Business Directory database

- Updating program and data over the Internet every month

- Simple installation and registration

- Tools for searching, archiving and exporting of data

This software works on every Windows based platform, installation and deinstallation are very quick and simple, any training to use the program is unnecessary because you see the results immediately after touching the keyboard of your computer, and at the same time you have very useful HELP files.

Find out more about the Program - B2B Serbia here >>>

The new e-Catalog of the Serbian Business Directory for 2019 was just released. The Catalog of the Serbian Business Directory for 2019 is a special electronic edition in Serbian and English. It is intended for subscribers and advertisers in all editions of the Serbian Business Directory and other interested companies and institutions, fairs in Serbia and abroad, embassies and trade chambers and representative offices in Serbia and abroad.

The core of the 2019 e-Catalog is the Business Directory with 500 companies, organizations and institutions from all over Serbia in the choice of the editorial office of the Serbian Business Directory. The selection criteria are in line with the Editorial Policy of the Serbian Business Directory, which gives the same treatment and equal opportunities to all business entities in the Republic of Serbia. Certainly, during the election, the largest Serbian companies could not be skipped, not only because of their size in terms of the number of employees, values, traffic and profits, but also because of their importance for a large number of other business entities in Serbia. The same criterion was applied to a number of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs who have their place in the e-Catalog for 2019. The second condition is the frequency of occurrence in the statistics made on the basis of surveys and market surveys carried out by the editorial board of the Business Directory of Serbia and our associates on terrain throughout Serbia during the past year. The third condition was the number of inquiries and visits to their web pages on the website of the Privredni Imenik Srbije www.privredni-imenik.com, which has an emphasized B2B character and with over 5.000 unique visitors with a daily visit represents an important source of information in this regard.

The 2019 Catalog is available for viewing in PDF format as well as e-Catalog on our website.

You can find out more information about 2019 e-Catalog here >>>