For over 25 years, MILŠPED has been the market leader in transport and logistics in Serbia. With over 2,500 employees in the system and extensive network rules worldwide, MILŠPED provides numerous and integrated services, including customs brokerage and representation, organization of international and domestic transport and distribution, as well as warehousing of goods-contract logistics ...

MILŠPED group has a developed network of branches in Serbia, and thanks to flawless operations and continuous investment in improving its logistics solutions, this network is expanding to the region (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania) and European Union countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Germany) . The last in the series are branches in China-Milšped China (Shenzhen) and in America-Milšped US (Hammond, Indiana USA). MILŠPED also has a branch office in Russia, in Moscow. More about the network >>>

MILŠPED group in numbers:

The services provided by MILŠPED group are:

FTL, Groupage and Customs Brokerage

With its own fleet of the latest generation and a large number of reliable subcontractors, MILŠPED can meet all customer requirements. The organization of FTL (Full Truck Load) and Groupage and LTL shipments is covered by a large number of available trucks on a daily basis. Milšped has a long tradition in providing customs representation services. More about it >>>

Storage and distribution

Milšped Group is the leading logistics provider in the region. With two decades of experience, Milšped's warehousing logistics today provides superior service to a growing network of customers with a combination of various modern solutions and technologies. An expert team made up of top operatives and engineers takes care of our clients ’goods on more than 299,000 m2 of warehouse space across the region. More about it>>>

Shipping, Air and Rail Transport

Services in the field of shipping include the organization of full and groupage container cargo, the organization of oversized, bulk and liquid cargo and cargo insurance services. Through a densely branched network of agents, MILŠPED is present at all commercial airports in more than 150 countries. In cooperation with leading European operators, domestic and foreign railway administrations, MILŠPED provides services for the organization of railway transport with the use of the most favorable tariffs.


MILŠPED specializes in various industries and, thanks to a wide network and international partners, successfully overcomes all geographical barriers. MILŠPED covers the following industries:

Automotive industry

In line with the strategy for the development of logistics services in the automotive industry, Milšped AML with its many years of experience and professionalism provides complete optimized logistics solutions for vehicles and auto parts. Milsped AML, a specialized company in this field, is considered a regional leader in the field of auto logistics, which with its proactive approach in the European market is a guarantor of high quality services.

Pharmaceutical products and cosmetics

Pharmaceutical products have characteristic needs in terms of special conditions of transport, storage, distribution and regulation. MILŠPED successfully responds to the requirements of leading manufacturers in this field, with a very high level of service quality and adequate response time in accordance with the sensitivity of the nature of this industry, and the requirements of good warehousing and distribution practices of pharmaceutical products.


The supply of consumer goods in modern logistics is extremely demanding in terms of complexity, seasonal character and financial sensitivity. With a special approach, adapting integrated solutions to clients and their specific requirements, MILŠPED provides its partners with a top, efficient and economically rational service. Providing a complete solution for all the needs of its partners, MILŠPED successfully optimizes supply costs on a daily basis, respecting global standards in terms of service levels. Production With its flexibility and great possibilities, MILŠPED responds to dynamic changes, provides a solid support in the field of logistics for reputable customers in the field of production, both in the logistics of finished products and in the segments of incoming and supporting logistics. Thus, manufacturing companies keep the focus on the development and quality of their products so as not to lose the race with the competition.


The global market has imposed additional demands on the supply chain in the fashion industry. In addition to the traditionally high quality of service, demands have come to the fore in terms of shortening delivery times, minimizing inventories, timely placement of products in retail outlets and their financial competitiveness.

Auto logistics

MILŠPED AML d.o.o. is a part of the group whose potential is directed towards the creation of logistics solutions intended for the automotive industry.

MILŠPED's permanent commitment is to provide top quality services with socially responsible business. In accordance with that, MILŠPED is continuously working on improving its system and harmonizing its operations with internationally recognized standards. Standards in all business segments are one of the basic elements of the MILŠED Group's strategy. Certificates >>>

MILŠPED Group is part of a consortium of leading European scientific research and business entities that implement the ENSURESEC project, funded by the European Commission through the HORIZON 2020 fund, the largest EU program for research and innovation. ENSURESEC is a sociotechnical solution uniquely designed to protect e-commerce operations in the digital market from cyber and physical threats. The project combines automated and predefined e-commerce protection tools with physical threat monitoring and a training campaign for supply chain participants and service users, in order to develop e-commerce risk awareness and strengthen mutual trust of all stakeholders. Milšped Group is the only company from Serbia involved in the implementation and evaluation of such an important project, and the only company whose headquarters are outside the territory of the European Union. You can read more about the project on the Ensuresec website >>>  


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