BELGRADE FAIR - Calendar 2021


The year 2020 is still marked by a global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. According to that situation, all trade fairs are either canceled or held under special regimes and rules.

However, several types of vaccines have been developed that are expected to have a major effect on both the global health situation and the return to normal economic and business flows. In accordance with that news, all world fairs are making calendars of events that will be held in the next (hopefully much more successful) year 2021.

The famous Belgrade Fair does not lag behind in its activities, so the calendar of all main events that will be held in 2021 has already been published.

Here are just a few fairs that have been announced for the beginning of the year, and the complete calendar can be seen by clicking on the image above or on the following link:

BELGRADE FAIR - Calendar 2021

We hope that the calendar will remain unchanged, and accordingly, the attendance will be at the level expected in this world-famous and recognized space.

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