The new version of the B2B Serbia - Business Application in English, has just become available for download on the website of the Serbian Business Directory. New users of the software can download the installation version with updated information from the database of the Serbian Business Directory, and old users will only download the change for the current month, directly from their program.

You can read everything that the B2B Serbia - Business Application offers to the average business user on the website of the Business Directory of Serbia, and here we draw your attention to the practical use value of this software in the field of direct marketing.

The business model of this project predicted that B2B Serbia - Business Application software would be most useful to the segment of micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs, within the concept of BTL direct marketing (Below the Line Marketing).

The basic value of this software is its usability for direct marketing purposes. Namely, the tools with which the B2B Serbia - Business Application is equipped enable the average user to easily search, sort, extract and store data. The application allows you to export selected information to txt files, which the user can use to create their own databases, tables, mailing lists and similar. All this with a minimal knowledge of computer skills and commercial software such as excel and other programs.

The B2B Serbia - Business Application is updated with new information from the database of the Serbian Business Directory on average once a month, by simply downloading new changes directly from the program itself. Thus, software users can create a new mailing list every month and send it to the desired group as an offer, newsletter, information about their products and services, etc.

The B2B Serbia - Business Application can be downloaded for free on the website of the Serbian Business Directory, and more about software, licenses and program registration, read here >>>