SVV Czech republic



SVV Praha s.r.o. - Svářečský vývojový a výukový ústav (R&D and Training Institute for Welding) was established in 1992 in the manner of Schweisstechnische Lehr-und Versuchsanstalt SLV Hannover, a sister company based in Germany. Nowadays, it is a cooperating member of GSI-Gesellschaft für Schweisstechnik International mbH, which was established by DVS (German Welding Society). It is a founder member of Česká svářečská společnost ANB (Czech Welding Society ANB).

SVV Praha s.r.o., member of the GSI SLV Group, carries out certification of the quality management systems in the area of material joining, organises specialized qualification courses and trainings for your employees to allow you to meet the requirements of the certification standards, and organises quality testing.

The welding division of SVV Praha s.r.o. runs a welding school, an authorized education centre for senior welding personnel, a certification body for the ČSN and DIN standards related to metal welding, an inspection body, and a testing institution. It also provides specialized workshops.


SVV Praha s.r.o., Approved Training Body for adhesive bonding personnel, organises qualification courses and trainings for adhesive bonding personnel working in the area of industrial applications, certification of the quality management systems in the area of adhesive bonding manufacture, specialized workshops, and quality testing of bonded joints.


SVV Praha s.r.o.

Address: U Habrovky 247/11, Krč, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 604 294 604