Ingegneria Alimentare srl, based in Rende, in the province of Cosenza, using a highly specialized technical staff and partnership with various mechanical workshops, development and implementation, in collaboration with its customers, machines and plants for the food industry with high level automation and in compliance with current safety regulations.


Thanks to the technological resources, Ingegneria Alimentare SRL is able to make the complete design cycle from the concept to virtual environment development for operating tests before construction.

After the design analysis, the study of technical and financial feasibility, and then the definition of the technology system and the simulation with high technology software, it’s possible to test the system in all ways of using, reducing so the production costs and design errors.


Ingegneria Alimentare SRL can simulate:

– Industrial process
– Dynamic computational fluid
– Analysis of the finite elements
– Static and dynamic analysis of elements
– Handling the useful life of the product

All the simulation tests are subsequently validated by laboratory tests and the whole process is carried out in full compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations in force in the country of destination of the plant or machinery.


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