Euricom is a leading name in the Italian and world-wide rice industry.

Euricom is a well-known name in Italy for the production of meal and flour.

Euricom also operates in the pasta industry both on the Greek market and abroad where it trades under the name of Eurimac.

Euricom is Italy's leading group in the rice industry and also one of the biggest of its kind in the world. 

Bringing its own brands to the market, Euricom operates on a world scale as a producer of private-label food for large retail chains, and a supplier of rice as a raw material for the food processing industry.

Euricom also produces flour and pasta, and in recent years it has added a "green" energy division to its core business.

Euricom has operations in more than 40 countries around the world, through several of its own brands or through the brands of its subsidiaries. Many of these brands have become household names.

Every product exemplifies the company's attentiveness to the tastes of the final consumer and the allure of a back-to-nature lifestyle. Research has always guided the Group towards developing new types of product and offering the very best in quality and taste, food safety and affordability.




The excellent value for money, the extraordinary characteristics of the foods alongside safe processing of raw materials has driven the Group to a top position in the retail sector.

Its experience as a major producer, long-standing know-how and an eye to the future has helped Euricom take on a continually evolving market with ease.


Head Office in Valle Lomellina; Via Stazione, 119 - Valle Lomellina (PV) - ITALY


Tel: +39 0384 70 00 11; Fax: +39 0384 70 00 26

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