RUDO Group has been a key player on the soft drinks market for over 20 years. The production sector also deals with preservation. RUDO Group develops fruit desserts and snacks product line along with some innovative drinks following modern and popular concept of “Organics & Naturality”. In 2013 the Company held renovation of its RUDO-AQUA plant in Ryazan, thus solving the issue of the output capacity scale-up under the strategy of new modern production lines commissioning.

Apple desserts production line (CFT, Italy) and Hot filling line (CRONES, Germany) are multifunctional and designed using innovative technologies. They have no rivals in Russia in terms of capacity and product output.

Having own artesian well gives extra advantage to our Ryazan plant. Its natural mineral water is used both for the products and drinks, and as a separate market product.

RUDO Group has the following market advantages in its customer portfolio:

- Innovative product development and process know-how

- Focused on product quality

- Natural ingredients and foods

- Regionally spread manufacturing map of the company business-units

- Implementing new modern process circuits and renovation of the traditional lines

The Company products annually win high awards and diplomas. The high level of the production process is confirmed by international quality certificates.

RUDO Group Headquarter, Moscow: 

46, B.Tulskaya str.,115191 Moscow, Russia

Phone +7 (495) 626 22 24

Phone +7 (495) 958 06 11