CIFA Italy




CIFA is a company that for 90 years has been designing, producing and distributing innovation in the construction field. For a long time it has been proposing itself as full liner with a complete range of products for production, transportation, laying of concrete.


CIFA constantly invests in research and development of products and services and in the absolute value of quality. A company more and more attentive to respecting people and environment and with its own "code of ethics". Research of excellence is the real soul of CIFA.


A house. A hospital, a school. Bridges, flyovers, tunnels. Constructions and quality and long-lasting works, made possible by research, planning, inventiveness, high technology and design, always at the service of customers and operators' needs.


Since 1928, Cifa has been producing and selling all over the world products that range from mixing to distribution, from pumping to laying concrete.

A widespread distribution network, with international partners, branches and service workshops that make CIFA an accomplished brand, synonymous of guarantee and reliability.


Contact Information:


Address: Via Stati Uniti d'America 26, ​20030 Senago (MI),Italia

Phone: +39.02.990131

Fax: +39.02.9981157